Dispatch wants its autonomous vehicles to make on-demand delivery available to the masses...The Dispatch founders said they hope the vehicles will mitigate the cost of delivery because it can save labor costs by bringing packages right to a customer’s door.
— The Wall Street Journal
Once Dispatch reaches a certain level of scale, Baalke envisions the platform functioning as more of utility that everyone has access to, and one that everyone expects to exist in the world. A future with Dispatch’s technology as a utility could include peer-to-peer delivery as well as city-sanctioned delivery services.
— TechCrunch
Someday your favorite burrito or fresh load of laundry could arrive to your door not via a friendly human courier, but a cute self-driving robot.
— Fortune
Imagine having an adorable robot deliver everything from your lunch to your laundry.

That’s the goal of a company called Dispatch, which is currently piloting a sweet little delivery bot called Carry at two universities in California.
— Mic
Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon has led recent venture capital investments in autonomous drone andcar technology companies, so Dispatch fit right into his portfolio. “The technology is at this inflection point potentially where it can work really well,” he says. “If you actually study the math of shipping a toothbrush to you, it costs $5 for a flying drone and just 50 cents on the ground.”
— Forbes
Forget flying drones. When it comes to predictions on what sci-fi method might bring you hot pizza, aspirin, groceries or new shoes, some experts bet that delivery robots rolling down sidewalks will beat out airborne couriers.
— SF Chronicle
But then when I see a robot solving a problem, I have to admit it’s progress. Machines could allow us to live more convenient, seamless, and environmentally friendly lives. Take the Dispatch, a delivery bot developed by three MIT and UPenn alumni. It’s looking to automate “the last mile”—currently a big source of bottlenecks in cities and towns.
— Co.Exist
While most companies are considering ways to use drones for delivering packages, one startup has a plan that involves keeping its delivery bots grounded.
— The Daily Dot
Stav Braun, Sonia Jin, and Uriah Baalke, Dispatch’s cofounders, were behind Floored’s 3D reconstruction algorithms. Now based in South San Francisco, the team is applying similar computer vision and machine learning techniques to their new vehicle, called Carry.
— TechCrunch

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